Polation - 2020 Cancelled due to COVID

Entry Fee: $50
Polation - Terms and Conditions

You agree to allow Polation & mPole Holdings Pty Ltd to film & photograph this event & that all film & photographs will remain property of Polation & mPole Holdings Pty Ltd for use in future promotional, advertising & commercial purposes.
You acknowledge that if you are not able to perform on the night for any reason your entry fee will NOT be refunded.
You agree that this performance is your own/teams work &/or have permission to perform this performance at this event.
You acknowledge that you will not perform under the influence of alcohol or drugs & if found to be, understand that you will forfeit any performance costs incurred, your position in the event & removed from the venue.
You acknowledge that Pole Dancing & Performing can be inherently dangerous activity & by signing this form, you acknowledge the risks involved & will not hold the organisers, staff or venue responsible for any injury caused to your person or property.
You acknowledge that the judge’s for the event, is your audience that you are performing to on the night & they alone determine who is selected the winner. This is the finial process & no negotiations will be entered into in regards to the voting process or the result.
Strictly No Nudity, G-Strings or Pasties.