Your Vote Card Instructions & Voting Conditions

As part of the audience for Polation, you have the complete control over who takes home the Polation Title & $250 cash prize.

Quick Check List of what needs to be completed for your vote to count.
• Constructive & supportive feedback for each performance written on the vote card
• 1 performance name, clearly written in the Overall winner Space at the top of the vote card
• Signature at the bottom of this page

Conditions of Voting

Constructive & Supportive Feedback

As part of the entry into Polation each and every one of our competitors will receive a copy of your feedback to help them grow & improve as performers. Therefore we ask that you keep feedback provided in the comments supportive & encouraging to these performers. We will be going through the feedback provided prior to the votes being counted & any feedback that doesn’t fall into the constructive, supportive & encouraging categories & isn’t helpful, respectful or is vague will be removed from the voting pool & not counted towards the overall winners vote. Not sure what you’re looking at, not to worry! Our performers are looking for feedback on the following areas of their performance, Pole Work, Floor Work, Dance, Costume, WOW Factor, Musicality, Flow & Fluidity, Choreography & Creativity of Performance.

Overall Winner

We only have one possible performance winner at each Polation event, therefore we ask that when you have decided what single performance has your vote, please write it clearly in the space provided at the top of the vote card, with clear handwriting. Vote cards with more than one performance &/or not clearly legible will be removed from the voting pool and not counted towards the overall winner.


A signature at the bottom of this page outlining that you have understood the Conditions of Voting & that you pledge to adhered to the above conditions & agree that if our Competition Manager deems that one or more of the above haven’t been met that your vote card will be removed from the voting pool & will not be counted toward the overall winner.